Influencer Marketing

Simply put, it’s marketing that targets people that have influence over potential customers. The content that the influencer puts out there can be in many forms, but usually as a testimonial. It can be a blog post, social media post, advice etc.

The Gawk Much Difference

We are a network of regular people, who have friends and family following them on social media. Anywhere from 100 - 10k followers (aka Nano Influencers). These nano influencers enjoy getting access to new things and like to share things they like with their friends and family. If it’s not their cup of tea, they fill out a survey giving insight to what about it they didn’t like.

Why does it work?

Studies show that if you have a smaller more intimate group following you on social media, that following is typically more of a niche market that is much more interested in your content and therefore, more engaged with each post.


Types of Influencers

The Macro

The Macro Influencer is a celebrity. Someone that is recognized globally and usually has over 1 million followers on social media.

The Micro

The Micro Influencer is well known in certain groups. Often a blogger or sports personality that has anywhere from 10k-500k followers on social media.

The Nano - us!

Lucy coloring in the back yard with juice

Lucy coloring in the back yard with juice

The Nano Influencer is the regular person, like you and me. They have less than 10k followers: maybe 350, maybe 1000. Someone who posts their lives on social media to share with friends and family.

I was hearing everywhere about influencer marketing. I had friends selling products through social media and it just hit me. We are all influencing people...OUR people!
— Erica Manfre - Founder Gawk Much